Here's what this series is all about...

“The best you is the crucified you.”

Do you deeply desire to know God’s purpose for your life?
Do you find yourself wondering “is this all there is to Christianity?”

God’s work in you did not stop at saving you from hell. He is at work in you today. He has given you a new reality that is better than you could ever imagine. In fact, Jesus describes the life you are to live with one word: abundant.

In Crucified to Life, you’ll discover the true paradoxical nature of following Jesus. You’ll be encouraged as you are given the tools you need to blast past the barriers that hold you back from living in God’s grace. You’ll be challenged to get out of your comfort zone and to relinquish control of your life as you walk in the way of the crucified.

“A Christian without a cross is not a Christian at all.” Are you ready to lose your life in order to find it?
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